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michael.mazon 2012-07-02 06:40:17
This is a great movie. I never watched the original series on TV, but I have a feeling you will still like this even if you did!
adam.ament 2012-04-10 20:21:51
A decent Horror/Comedy Movie. B-Grade movie...well worth the price.
michael.mazon 2012-02-27 06:05:26
2012 Academy Award Winner - Writing (Original Screenplay):

Including his nomination this year for Directing for MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, this is the twenty-third Academy Award nomination for Woody Allen.
michael.mazon 2012-02-27 05:59:45
2012 Academy Award Winner - Animated Feature Film:

When Rango the lizard finds himself stranded in the Mojave Desert, his green skin unable to camouflage him in the inhospitable brown landscape, he manages to pass himself off as a deadly gunslinger. To the desperate, drought-stricken town of Dirt, which is suffocating in the grip of its corrupt mayor, the reptilian stranger soon begins to look like a savior.
michael.mazon 2012-02-27 05:58:04
2012 Academy Award Winner - Actress In a Supporting Role: Octavia Spencer portrays Minny Jackson, an African-American maid who loses her job with a socially prominent family and finds another with a white woman from the wrong side of the tracks.